Another doctor about colostrum

By Dr. Robert Heinerman, Ph.D.

‘One of the things that got me so excited about colostrum was hearing and reading about the amazing results that people had gotten with this totally natural product. I’ve collected some of these that deal with different ailments, so that you can read them too. All of these testimonials are completely unsolicited and their content has not been changed. I have done some minor editing to correct grammar and spelling only.

People of all ages and from all walks of life have regained their health and changed their lives by taking colostrum.

“Colostrum is the most powerful healing substance in the world. If it were not for colostrum, the human race wouldn’t even exist.”

Since many lifestyle habits and environmental exposures set us up for chronic disease by destroying the gastrointestinal tract (the site where nearly all disease enters the body), it is essential that we repair the initial problem that leads to the condition or disease.

We all have intestinal permeability (allowing toxic or pathogenic substances into our body) to some degree; however, the amount of time that it will take for colostrum to help a person to regain their health will vary.

Some individuals report positive results immediately, where as it may take weeks or months for others to notice the positive outcomes; it simply depends upon the health issues that the person is battling.

Since colostrum is a foundation supplement for overall good health, it should be taken on a consistent basis to receive maximum benefits.

If you’re not receiving a benefit, you are either not taking enough or you are choosing a brand that is not processed correctly.

“There is only one bio-available colostrum on the market, ColostrumLD (Dr. Andrew Keech).” Other colostrum supplements maybe a waste of money and time, as they do not offer the unique patent-pending bio-available delivery system (Liposomal Delivery™). Only Colostrum LD has been clinically proven to work.

Note: ColostrumMAX is made from colostrum LDS which is treated with the Lipsomal Delivery™ system.’