Chronic Back Pain Disappears Completely

By Stefenie, 16 June 2011

Stefenie can now finally travel to Greece for a Holiday.

‘I had 2 slipped discs, who were severely inflamed.

Walking was impossible and I could barely manage to sit.

The pain was affecting my whole life, eventhough I had daily Cortisone injections. They just didn’t seem to work anymore.

Then I read about stem cell enhancing products on the internet and their sometimes magical working.

Of course I was very sceptical, but in my situation there were not many options available.

I decided to find out more and rang up. After getting ample information and advice about what to take from Agnes, I ordered the colostrum capsules and the colostrum drink.

To my amazement, the pain disappeared within a week! I could not believe it!

The reason I tried the products was that we were thinking of going on a holiday to Greece, but in my situation that was next to impossible.

Now, after almost 7 months on the product we are going on that trip to Greece. Wow! That’s how good I am. Walking is no longer a problem and I stopped the Cortisone injections shortly after taking the stem cell products.

My doctor is still in shock!. 🙂

Thank you Agnes. Your Colostrum products changed my life!’

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