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Colostrum MAX Reduced My Parkinson Tremors

John S. Hudson, 12 April 2011

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease around 2 years ago. Traditional medicines just did not suit me at all. I found them to be an inhibitor in my life.

I persevered on my own believing, that is all there was.

However, thanks to Agnes I was made aware of the many benefits of Colostrum that may be able to help me.

They have made a tremendous difference to me.

Over a period of only 6 weeks taking the Colostrum powder, I have found my life to turn around.

It has reduced my tremors by approximately 30% and is improving all the time. And not are only my tremors being reduced, I feel so much more energetic too!

Something I would just have not believed possible previously.

My health and well being has improved, and I can only recommend that any person with challenges like mine, or similar, give it a go!

You do need to persevere, and keep on the product, I have been on it now for 6 months, and will continue taking it for my life.
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colostrum reduces tremor
Comment from Admin:

To be able to continue in the sport he loves so much, John started training himself playing left handed since the tremors restricted him from playing right handed.

John has recently become the first left handed Australian Snooker Champion.

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