Live Up To 120 And Still Play Golf

Would You Like To Live Up To 120 And Still Play Golf?

A review of current scientific studies by the Adult Stem Cell Foundation Advisory Board

A new understanding of the process of disease formation is now being better understood through a vast body of new scientific literature that has emerged over the past few years. Until now, the main approach to health was to take antioxidants or vitamins in order to prevent various diseases, or to use various drugs and therapies to treat diseases after being diagnosed.

But recent developments in stem cell research point to a totally new means of maintaining health that consists in supporting the stem cell-based process of cellular renewal. For example, by increasing the number of circulating stem cells in the body, more stem cells are available to travel to the liver, pancreas, brain, heart, and other organs, contributing to disease prevention.

We have all heard about the fact that stem cells renew every organ in the body over differing periods of time. The truth of the matter is that this turnover time is almost impossible to determine and it varies from organ to organ.

But the Principle remains true.

Whereas the lining of the intestine renews itself every 5 days or so, the liver renews itself every 2 years, and the lung every 4 years or so… even the brain would renew its self every 20-30 years.

These time lines do not matter much but what is important to understand is the balance between cells renewing to cells dying. If the body loses cells at such a rate, in order to remain healthy and functional, the body must renew itself at the same rate. This brings into play the other side of the equation: It is the role of the stem cells released from your bone marrow, to travel and do the day-to-day replacement of cells that are lost, ensuring the maintenance of optimal health.

There is a natural process of tissue renewal taking place in our bodies every day of our lives, from the day we are born. This process whereby cells constantly die and in counterbalance cells are constantly renewed by stem cells migrating into tissues.

So disease development would not be so much due to a loss of cells but rather to an imbalance between degeneration and stem cell-based regeneration. This imbalance must be corrected.

If cells are lost faster than they can renew -> disease develops.

If cells can renew faster than they are lost -> health ensues.

If cells of the pancreas die faster than they can renew, diabetes slowly develops.
If cells of the brain are lost faster than they can renew, Parkinson for example or other brain disease develops.

If stem cells can travel and renew these organs at a rate equal or faster than cell death, health is maintained. Stem cells are our first line protection in the fight against disease and anti-aging.

So this new theory begs the question - What are we doing to optimize stem cell production in our bodies? Keeping in mind as we age the body releases less Adult stem cells into the bloodstream.
Less stem cells means less repair when we need it most.

The answer is obvious, Consume Nutraceuticals that optimize stem cell production including stem cell enhancing natural products i.e. Colostrum. Reduce your calorie intake and exercise more often. Continue taking quality antioxidants and vitamins. Have a diet made up of many alkaline foods.

All the above can improve the number and vitality of the stem cells circulating in your body, irrespective of your age. Adult stem cells are our first line protection in the fight against disease and anti-aging. A new paradigm in preventative health has arrived.

Finally, is this the answer we all crave to anti aging and living to 120 healthy years?

source: Adult Stem Cell Foundation
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